Any Mac or PC with the most up-to-date version of either Chrome or Firefox web browsers. For the best experience we clearly recommend Chrome.

Microphone & Webcam
Most modern laptops have them built in but if not a good quality external USB microphone or camera is relatively affordable. Since we're dealing with music, we recommend you consider an external (USB) microphone - it can pick up many more nuances and provide richness if you are focusing a lot on sound. Read more here.

Internet Connection
The faster and more stable the better. A minimum speed of 2 Mbit download and 1 Mbit upload is required but we recommend 5 Mbit download and 2 Mbit upload at minimum. Download is important to receive the best video and audio, while upload is important to provide the other person with great video and audio. You can check your internet speed using


Headphones, Earphones or External Speakers
Of course you can extend your setup in many ways but often a simple pair of earphones can already give you a clearer sound.

Test your setup
You can use our online testing tool to see if your connection and setup can run a lesson succesfully. 

Tips on improving connection:

  • If your WiFi is not performing the best it can, try using an ethernet cable to connect directly to your router.
  • Often, you can also optimize where and how your Wifi router is positioned - especially if you're not in the same room as the router this can really improve your connection.
  • And of course, family members downloading or streaming movies during the same time will slow down your speed a lot.

Generally, newer computers with faster processing power will optimize the experience but with a few tricks, you should be able to have a lesson with older machines as well: Close down any other software programs and browser windows and tabs you don't need. They take up processing power and RAM.

What about tablets and smartphones?
You might be able to use your Android device with the Chrome browser. Some students have had great lessons like that. As for iPhones and iPads: Not yet! This is planned for the future.