We're continuously working to ensure all lessons take place successfully. Once in a little while, things seem to not work out. In that case, don't despair - often it's an easy fix and knowing about it before helps you to take action more easily.

Here are the top 3 reasons we have witnessed:

  1. The person using an external microphone can sometimes not hear the other person

    Reason: Some microphones such as the Yeti automatically output the sound through the microphone.
    Solution: Find the headphone input on the microphone and plug them in.
    In rare cases, your computer can get confused with the devices. Restart your computer and plug the microphone in before entering the lesson.

  2. Publishing error 1500 / The stream was unable to connect due to a network error
    "Publishing error 1500": if you see this red warning, then you have the connection issue
    "The stream was unable to connect due to a network error": if you see this instead of the other person, then the other person has the connection issue.

    Reason 1: Use of VPN, extra firewall software or extensions such as ad-blockers can sometimes block connections. 
    Solution: Disable the software/extensions and reload your browser window with the lesson.

    Reason 2: In rare cases, something between your internet connection, your computer and your browser goes wrong.
    Solution: Restart your computer.

    In any case, we strongly recommend, you take the test in good time BEFORE the lesson. It will give you an error if you have this connection issue.

  3. Echo

    Reason 1: This could just be temporarily. If you also experience delays in the video or get orange warnings, then your internet connection is the culprit.
    Solution: Try to refresh your page and the connection might find a better way. If connection is overall not great, then it's best to switch wifi off and use an ethernet cable. If you can't, make sure no one else is streaming anything on your network.

    Reason 2: You or the other person has 2 browser tabs or windows open with the  lesson.
    Solution: Make sure you only have the lesson open once. 

We've also a couple times witnessed that the audio input (microphone) settings were changed to some internal recording software, soundcard or similar. You can always make sure things work as they should by taking our test before the lesson.

Oh, and sometimes it's seriously just that: don't forget to turn on the volume on your computer or speakers:)