Make sure both you and the student/teacher are well lit. Just as with taking a photograph, a strong light from behind will make you appear as a silhouette to the other party - meaning they won't be able to see your face clearly. Try to have natural or soft unatural light fall upon your face for the best picture.

Webcam Quality
Investing in a good quality webcam can go along way. Most built in webcams on modern laptops should do the job well, but if your computer or camera is old we recommend one that is at least 5 megapixels.

Optimize Performance
Lessons can be intensive for some older computers. Ensure you free up enough computer power by closing unused applications, tabs and programs. Background applications that use your network may also impact performance (Dropbox, Software Updates .etc). 
For the best performance we recommend just having a single browser tab with your lesson running.

Test Your Connection
Sometimes your internet connection may not be performing it's best. To see if your connection is capable of running a lesson, try our online test tool.

And follow our tips on improving your connection.