Your internet connection is by far the most important contributor to a great lesson experience.

Speed is great but stability is at least as important.

As for speed, we recommend a minimum speed of 5 Mbit download and 1Mbit upload. Download is important to receive the best video and audio, while upload is important to provide the other person with great video and audio.

You can check your internet speed using

Tips on improving connection:

  • If your WiFi connection suffers from lower speed or instability, we highly encourage you to plug in an ethernet (LAN) cable into your computer or laptop. 

  • Often, you can also optimize your Wifi router position - especially if you're not in the same room as the router this can really improve your connection.
  • Make sure that family members or room mates don't download or stream movies during the same time as this will slow down your speed a lot.

If the connection in the session is not good or is getting worse:

  • Refresh your browser: First and foremost a simple page refresh can help to reconnect with a better connection. Simply press CMD+R if you're using Mac, or F5 if you're using Windows to refresh the page. You will rejoin the lesson automatically after a few seconds.